Mizzy Mizzy
Hello! My name is Mizzy and welcome to my world.

I’m one of the family here at Dogs Love Cats and am so happy to be meeting you!

My favourite colour is pink – which is good, as I’m pink from head to toe!

And do you want to know something else? Mummy and Daddy say I’ve got the sweetest tooth ever!

Do you like sweets? Because I LOVE sweets, especially gooey chocolate muffins.

Mummy says I always go 1000 miles a minute and always have a million thoughts racing through my head. Daddy always shakes his head when she says this but Mummy grins, so I think it’s a good thing! It means I always have new and exciting thoughts and ideas that keep me busy – or so Mummy says anyway.

Sometimes, I think I might be going just a little bit too fast... Like, when me and Mummy go to the park and she buys me a bag of bread crumbs to feed to the ducks. I get so excited – feeding the ducks is one of my favourite things to do - that I usually pour all my breadcrumbs into the pond at once – so I have none left for the slower ducks that come over to say “Hello”. Mummy says I need to slow down, take little sprinkles out at a time and then all the ducks will get their lunch fairly.

Or when we do baking on a Sunday morning and Mummy lets me stir the cake batter. She always tells me to go slowly so that I don’t spill any but I just can’t help it – stirring is so much fun! So I go round and round, faster and faster until eventually there’s no batter left in my bowl… and lots all over the ceiling and kitchen. Mummy and me always laugh and laugh but I don’t think Daddy finds it very funny…

Or when we go food shopping at the weekend and I zoom up and down the aisle with the trolleys. I make sure to swerve around all the old ladies and keep mummy in my sight at all times but there’s nothing like a shiny supermarket floor for whizzing up at the fastest speeds. Daddy usually calls me back and tells me to ‘walk nicely’ next to them but, really, what’s the fun in that?

Mummy understands that I find being slow hard. I just have so much energy inside me waiting to burst out – like a fizzy drink can that’s been shaken up! She usually helps to remind me by saying “Slowly Mizzy, slowly” and showing me how to do things better. I love to learn new things and want to be great at them right away so Mummy helps me understand how things work and why things happen so that one day I know everything, just like her!

I love my Mummy and Daddy very much!


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