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Hello! My name is Elly and welcome to my world.

I’m one of the family here at Dogs Love Cats.

I’m very shy and find it hard meeting new people but I can’t wait to get to know you better.

Mummy always says I’m a dreamer child…although I’m not sure what she means by this. I think she means I’m always dreaming which is true! Even when I’m not sleeping, I like to sit in a quiet corner and imagine up the most amazing adventures. From flying over the clouds with tiny, tweeting birds through to swimming through the sea with my mermaid friends, my favourite thing to do is make up exciting stories and tell them to Mummy at bedtime.

I think my favourite things in the world are butterflies, dancing and dreaming. Every morning, Mummy and I will start the day with a morning dance – I’m really good at dancing – and we always start with the butterfly dance. You flap your arms really big and pretend to be a beautiful butterfly soaring through the sky – Mummy says I’m really good at being a butterfly.

I like playing on my own. Big groups or parties with lots of other children makes me nervous… I don’t really know what to say and get a bit scared of playing in case I get hurt. When we go to places like this, I usually stay very close to Mummy – sometimes she brings me one of my favourite books so I still have something fun to do. But even though I find it a bit difficult to make new friends, I love playing with my best friend, Mizzy.

The other day, we were playing on the meadow when I saw a real life butterfly! Like, a real alive butterfly flying around the nicest flowers I had ever seen.

I’ve never seen a real butterfly before – only pictures of them in my books – but this one was so pretty. It had black, red and yellow wings and flew really fast from one flower to another, as if it was trying to find the prettiest one to sit on. I wanted to see if it was flying around looking for its friends, but then, Mizzy caught it in her net… and this made me really sad. The butterfly looked so upset in the net – it wasn’t even flapping its wings – and I knew it wanted to get out and go home.

I think, Mizzy knew she had upset me because she brought all the butterflies she had caught over to me and released them above my head – like a magical crown! Mummy said she wouldn’t of liked all those insects flying around her head but I remember looking at their colourful wings and feeling like a Princess out of one of my bedtime stories.

I love my best friend Mizzy. And I love my Mummy and Daddy very much!



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