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DogsLoveCats – Our story

Bedtimes are such a precious time. A moment of quiet during hectic, modern day life where parents and children create an unbreakable bond to last forever. This moment is one that has always been cherished by our Designer, Svetla Kotov, and one that she is passionate to preserve.

Inspired by her two children and their love of bedtime stories, DogsLoveCats was born from a desire to help strengthen the magical parent-child relationship through the power of story telling. Using characters they created as a family over the years, our Heroes each posses their own individual personalities that promise to align with those unique quirks that make every child different. You'll spot our Heroes – namely Grazzy, Mizzy, Hundy and Elly – scattered across all our high quality children's bedding from bedspreads through to pillows.

Over the years, each of our products have been honed and perfected to meet every need – from pacifier chains that attach directly to their favourite cuddly toy through to travel bags for our Cuddle Buddies. Our customers help to shape every item under the DogsLoveCats name and we are constantly striving to improve your service from every angle.

We pride ourself exceptional quality and use only hand selected and 100% natural materials during construction. With an ethical design and manufacturing process, each item is produced with the utmost care to ensure it stays an integral part of your family life for many years to come.

In addition to our bedtime products, we have also worked carefully to build a fully interactive app for both children and adults. In this world you can find exquisite hand illustrations, engaging fairy stories and activities that educate and inspire your entire family. And for those quiet days in, our downloadable colouring sheets promise to bring hours of fun.

DogsLoveCats: Social Responsibility

Alongside our dedication to family relationships, we are also strongly passionate about supporting life changing charities. We may be small but we believe it is our duty to show our commitment and gratitude towards these outstanding organisations that improve the lives of so many. It is for this reason that a percentage of every online sale goes directly to selected children's or women's charities.