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Cuddle blankets
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We have made it our mission to produce beautiful and high quality products for children.

DogsLoveCats Cuddle Cushions, Kids Bedding,
Cuddle Blanket, Kids Sleepwear and Pacifier Chain

We have made it our mission to produce beautiful and high quality products for children. With our eccentric and playful heroes we want to stimulate the creativity of you and your child. At DogsLoveCats you will find cuddle cushions, kids bedding, cuddle blankets, pacifier chains and children's pajamas for your child. We want to support the creativity of you and your child and offer free coloring pages to download, as well as little stories for children or short bedtime stories.

Cuddle Cushions and Throw pillows for Kids

Our cuddly pillow Heroes Mizzy, Grazzy and Elly are faithful companions on many adventures. They are there for you, when you need someone to cuddle. Our colorful throw pillows add color to the nursery.

Kids Bedding made from Organic Cotton

We have created beautiful children's bedding from organic cotton for your child. 3 Individual and handmade fabric cuts are elaborately processed and decorated with hand-stitched applications and creative embroidery.

Cuddle Blanket, Kids Sleepwear and Pacifier Chain

Discover our cozy kids cuddle blanket range, comfortable children's pajamas and funny pacifier chains with small stuffed animals. Our creative range is designed to stimulate creativity and imagination.

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Free coloring Pages for Kids

We regularly upload beautiful free coloring pages for kids with our heroes on our website. And we look forward that youspendcreative hours painting with your child. Painting is very important for the development of your child.

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    Dogs Love Cats: Bringing joy to children’s bedrooms all over the world.

    Dogs Love Cats is a family run, aspiring brand with a focus on high quality children’s homeware and textiles. With everything from bed linen and decorative pillows through to bedspreads and cuddly companions, all our items are designed and chosen with careful precision.

    Our goal is to bring the magic of storytelling into everyday life through our Dogs Love Cats characters. Each one has a unique personality with their own likes and dislikes and have been created with love by our family. Used to help explain real life situations and encourage your children to use their imaginations, we aim to create an atmosphere where children and adults alike grow together through the wonder of stories.

    The use of different materials, colours and structures are the hallmarks of a Dogs Love Cats product. We produce our lines in small batches, to preserve the exclusive nature of every single item. Using this unique blend of design, function and storytelling, our products promise to become an integral and special addition to your everyday life.

    Here at Dogs Love Cats, we love children and want to ensure every single one is giving the chance to express their creativity while receiving the best quality of sleep possible.